CO.TRA.L. S.p.a. (COTRAL) is the first national carrier of interurban public transport bus lines. The
major shareholder is the Lazio Regional Authority. The other shareholders are the Provincial
Authorities of Rome, Rieti and Viterbo and the Rome City Council. It has 220 integrated lines to
serve, with a fleet of 1,685 buses at the moment (almost all 12 meters buses). The length of the
network served is 11,700 km and the total mileage in a year is 81.5 million, with 9,000 runs and
376 municipalities served daily in the Lazio Region. The company, at the moment, has a staff of
3,448 units (of which 2,557 drivers), and serves 104 million passengers per year.

COTRAL until now has not participated in any European project. Indeed only recently COTRAL
started to participate in research projects. In particular in 2011 COTRAL has presented one
national project to the ministry of environment with the goal to test new particulates filters to reduce
the emissions of the vehicles.