La Communauté Urbaine de Cherbourg (CUC) is located in the North of the department la
Manche, in the region Basse-Normandie. It comprises 5 municipalities : Cherbourg-Octeville,
Equeurdreville-Hainneville, La Glacerie, Querqueville et Tourlaville. It has about 83 500
inhabitants, which represents around 19 % of the département de la Manche population.
The CUC benefits from an exceptional maritime front. Its touristic and economical activities are
deeply linked to the sea. The Cotentin, in North of Manche, is the second most important industrial
basin of the region Basse-Normandie. The nuclear industry has had activities on this territory for
the last 40 years. The energy sector employs 5000 people, and the Shipbuilding sector employs
3 400 people. These sectors bring strong industrial competences in the department. Cherbourg
Harbour is the biggest deep water port in Europe. The Cotentin has a strong potential to produce
decarbonised and renewable hydrogen, in particular thanks to renewable marine energies (project
of 4GW wave turbines and 1GW offshore wind turbines).The department plans to develop large
scale renewable hydrogen production facilities (about 10 TWh/year are expected). The CUC and
the department la Manche have the ambition to make their territory a worldwide scale champion in
the hydrogen energy economy. In that perspective, an association, Énergie Hydro-Data 2020, has
been created the 29th of November 2013, bringing together important European public and private
actors in the Energy sector. This association’s mission is to create the structures that will support
the programmes of Research and Development and the demonstration projects associated to the
hydrogen economy.

CUC until now has not participated in any European project. But La Manche has published in
February 2014 a document summarizing its development ambition linked to Europe up to 202018
and CUC and La Manche are developing cooperation with German lands on energy transition
subjects. The president of the department La Manche, Jean-François Le Grand lead delegations in
Berlin and Munich to reinforce Franco-German links.