De Lijn

VVM De Lijn is an external autonomous agency of the Flemish government. Within the framework
of its management contract, its mission stipulates that VVM De Lijn is responsible for strategy,
planning, organization and operating public transport in Flanders.
On top of the “classical” public transport activities such as urban, suburban and regional transport,
VVM De lijn is also engaged in mobility management, car sharing and management of the carpool
database, mobility shops and school transport.

On the operational level approximately 50% of the bus services are operated by private bus
subcontractors. There are 5 decentralized regional entities, responsible for the operation in the 5 Flemish
provinces. The Headquarter is based in Mechelen.
There are 7600 employees working for VVM De Lijn and another 2400 working for private

VVM De Lijn has been involved in operating a hybrid fuel cell bus from the II generation build by
Flemish bus builder Van Hool in the timeframe 2007 – 2009.
This hybrid fuel cell serviced the cities of Anwerp, Sint Niklaas and Leuven
VVM De Lijn is part of the JTI project High V Lo-City where 5 Van Hool 13 mt buses will be tested