3Emotion welcomes Pau as a demonstration site!


- Pau will put in service France’s first fuel cell electric buses : 8 Van Hool Exqui.City's (the so-called tram buses) powered by hydrogen
- Delivery of the buses scheduled second half of 2019

It is now widely acknowledged that the future of public transport buses will have to be zero-emission.

Fuel cell electric buses are one of the technologies that meet that requirement.

FCEB’s are a type of electric buses, using fuel cells and batteries to power the electric motor. Instead of storing all energy in large and heavy batteries, fuel cells use hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, producing only heat and water as a by-product. This makes that no harmfull emissions are produced, significantly less noise is present and the buses have the same flexibility as diesel buses (range = 300 km, refuelling time = 10 minutes)

Pau will put in service 8 Van Hool Exqui.City's, the so-called tram bus, powered by hydrogen.
The use of fuel cell electric buses is a prime for France and it is even a world premiere for a full BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system with 18 meter articulated tram buses. The delivery of the buses is scheduled for the second half of 2019.

Companies involved in Pau are Van Hool, ITM power and Engie. Bus manufacturer Van Hool (BE) supplies the buses. ITM Power will build the production and distribution unit for green hydrogen by electrolysis. ENGIE and its subsidiary GNVert will contribute their know-how to the operation of the station.

3 of the articulated buses and the refuelling station based on electrolysis will be realized within the context of the 3Emotion project.

François Bayrou, President of Pau Béarn Pyrénées Urban Community and Mayor of Pau declared ‘The Conurbation of Pau Béarn Pyrenees has choosen Fuel Cell hydrogen electric buses as a zero emission solution enabling the transformation of a daily transport experience into a human and environmentaly friendly project.’

‘With the choice of an innovating power train solution, the SMTU paves the road to a true zero emission public transport.’ sais Nicolas Patriarche, President of Urban Transportation
Syndicat (Pau transit authority).

Flip Bamelis, coordinator of the 3Emotion project, is really pleased with Pau's accession to the 3Emotion project: ‘Pau is an ideal location to show that - also in hot climates -fuel cell
buses are a reliable zero-emission alternative to diesel buses.’

Download the press release.