New Milestone in the project : 4 VDL Fuel Cell Buses on the road in the Province of South Holland!

Today, the 5th of june 2020, the 4 '3Emotion buses' for the Province of South Holland are presented to the press.  On monday they start to drive in the regular service.
A new milestone in the 3Emotion project!

The buses will be operated by Connexxion, in a regional service in the Province of Sout Holland (Hoeksche Waard-Goeree Overflakkee, R-Net route 436).

The buses are manufactured by VDL. They are 12-metre buses of the Citea SLF-120 Electric type in hydrogen version, with a fuel cell range extender. This means that the bus is equipped with a trailer that houses the hydrogen technology.

With a full tank, these buses can cover about 350 kilometres. Refuelling takes place at the Air Liquide hydrogen station in Rhoon, where also the 2 buses operated by RET in Rotterdam City are being refuelled.

The Province of Zuid-Holland decided to take a fundamental step in greening bus transport and stimulating the 'green hydrogen economy'. That step resulted in a market survey for the purchase of more fuel cell buses, of which these four Citeas are the first.
In 2021 the number of hydrogen buses in Hoeksche Waard-Goeree Overflakkee will be expanded thanks to the purchase of 20 new buses of Solaris (as part of the FCH-JU project Jive2).