Presenting the 3Emotion project on the International Sustainability Forum on H2 Mobility

May 17th we presented the 3Emotion project and the intermediate results at the International Sustainable Mobility Forum on Hydrogen-based emission-less mobility and transportation solutions, In Entroncamento Portugal.

The conference was organised in Europe's Green Week and aimed to promote a meeting of the supply and demand of innovative hydrogen and fuel cell solutions in transport systems in the context of emissions-free mobility.

The event brought together suppliers of technology solutions, industry, transport management entities and fleet owners, urban planners, land managers and decision makers - among others - promoting mutual updating on opportunities and challenges related to the use of hydrogen.

Hydrogen ecosystems, such as production, storage, distribution, refueling and end-use, are presented through innovative pilot projects carried out in the context of European projects and strategies. The 3Emotion project is one of the pilots presented.

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International Sustainable Mobility Forum Forum on Hydrogen-based emission-less mobility and transportation solutions.