CIRPS is an Interuniversity Research Centre (for Sustainable Development) founded in 1988 and
based at “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy): the Centre counts 300 professors, researchers and
experts both as Ordinary Members belonging to the eleven Italian universities joining the centre,
and as Associate Members (other academics and further experts with high-level specialization
involved in projects promoted, coordinated or carried out by the Centre). The scientific staff of
CIRPS is organized in 10 research units composed of round 60 employees.
CIRPS is focused on promoting and conducting activities related to sustainable economic and
social development at the international level in cooperation with Italian and foreign Institutions and
international organizations. It promotes, coordinates and manages a number of interdisciplinary
activities carried out by the member Universities in collaboration with other private and public
partners, both Italian and foreign (CIRPS has also operating offices abroad: Argentina, China,
Ethiopia, Kosovo, Morocco, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Peru, Central America, Somalia, Gibuti, and
Uruguay). Therefore, CIRPS activities emphasize the added value given by the combination of
different academic groups with worldwide private experts.
CIRPS coordinates and participates in networks of excellence, research projects, and activities for
local development at international level, and carries out its work through collaborations and
agreements with Universities, Research Centers, Enterprises as well as National and International
Institutions. CIRPS carries out Research, Education, Training and Updating activities, and supplies
Technical-Scientific Services also thanks to the joint contribution of relevant Universities to
promote sustainable development, with special attention to Developing Countries (DC), but also
Newly Industrialized Countries (NIC) or Quasi-Newly Industrialized Countries (QNIC) as well as
Emergent Countries, in collaboration with Industrialized Countries and International Organizations.
Within JTI Programme, CIRPS is managing as leader partner (both formal coordinator and project
manager organisation) the running “UNIfHY” (7FP project FCH); actually CIRPS is involved in
“3EMOTION” Project, funded within the JTI Call 2013-2. Within sustainable mobility, in 7FP Energy
(Green Vehicles sub programme) CIRPS is partner in the running “PlanGridEV” (Electric Vehicles);
in 6FP was coordinator in “HOST” project (Transport sub programme). At National level, CIRPS
manages, since 2006, the “PoloIdrogeno Research Center and Laboratory”, located in
Civitavecchia (near Rome) by a collaboration agreement with the Lazio Region. Finally, CIRPS
reached a particular level of experience with use of hydrogen gas and related components, and in
the study of effects of methane-hydrogen mixture in stationary and automotive contexts.