Provincie Zuid-Holland

South Holland is a province situated on the North Sea in the western part of the Netherlands. The
provincial capital is The Hague and its largest city is Rotterdam. South Holland is one of the most
densely populated and industrialized areas in the world. With a population of 3,5 million and an
area of just 3,400 km², the province has the highest population density in the Netherlands. Since
2000, the management of regional transport in The Netherlands has been decentralized by the
national government. South Holland is one of the de-centralised regional authorities that have by
now been fulfilling this task for the past decade or so. Nearly the entire regional and municipal bus
transport in The Netherlands has by now been tendered at least once, and is mostly operated by
private companies such as Arriva. The Province manages a total of 3 bus concessions with a total
of 500 buses deployed. All of the three concessions are currently operated by Arriva, currently a
Deutsche Bahn derivative.