Ragione Lazio

Lazio Region (Lazio) is a Territorial Public Body endowed with all the sovereignty that such
designation implies. LR represents the second Italian Region as for the GDP. LR is powered by the
Italian Government concerning regional laws, taxes, and political programmes. One of the main
strategic axes is renewable energy, specifically the eco-mobility sector. The Lazio Region
Transport Department is devoted to carry on such regional strategies, specifically with the aim to
develop an adequate and cost-efficient transport and mobility policy. LR Transport Department will
benefit of the research achieving important knowledge to develop concrete actions on its territory,
in order to foster research, technology transfer and specialized employment. It will analyse in which
terms the implementation of the research will be feasible for vehicles and infrastructures to be used
in innovative and sustainable transport systems in urban areas. The specific task to be developed
concern dissemination (communication plans to raise awareness on eco-compatible transport
means and to increase sustainable behaviour), clustering (capitalization of the results on the