RET Bus BV is a Dutch public transport company, providing PT services by bus in Rotterdam and
its periphery. RET Bus is owned by RET NV, providing subway and tramway services. RET is the
main operator of public transport for bus, tram and subway in the area of the Rotterdam city region.
RET operates 8 subway lines, with 152 vehicles and ten tramway lines, with 118 vehicles. RET
also transports passengers over water. The ferry sails between Hoek van Holland and the port at
Maasvlakte. Since December 2012 the service area for bus increased with 40% thanks to winning
a bus concession for Rotterdam and the area surrounding the city. The services are provided by
256 busses. Most are equipped with Euro V or EEV engines; four are parallel hybrids, one is fully
electric. RET has about 2.750 employees, about 700 of them are working for RET Bus.
Sustainability has been part of the RET strategy since 2007. In that year we signed a convenant
with the Rotterdam Climate Initiative in order to provide more environmental friendly public
transport. Since 2010 RET participates in the Ticket to Kyoto consortium. Five European public
transport companies have joined in a four-year project to reduce CO2 emissions in public transport
through more environmentally friendly behaviour and changes in infrastructure. Their goal:
introducing the principle of low CO2 emissions as a new standard for public transport providers.
Especially for buses RET wants to contribute to the aim of the National and Local government to
provide zero emission Public Transport in the year 2025. After a large scale introduction of Euro V
and EEV vehicles in 2007, pilots with electric hybrid powered vehicles in 2010 and introduction of
electric company cars in 2012, the introduction of full electric vehicles powered by hydrogen, is a
useful next step to achieve this aim.