Aberdeen City Council, in collaboration with the NewBusFuel, HyTransit and High V.LO-City projects, hosted the Aberdeen Hydrogen Summit from the 15th to the 17th of March 2017.

Aberdeen is home to Europe’s largest hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet, with 10 buses operating on the City’s roads, supported by the UK’s largest fully integrated renewable hydrogen production and refuelling station. As a leader in hydrogen technology development, Aberdeen hosted a series of events during the 2017 Hydrogen Week to further support and share learning on hydrogen technologies. Local authorities, fleet operators, industry partners and

Launch of 2 Fuel Cell Electric Buses in Groningen (The Netherlands) - project High V.LOCity

The High V.LO-City project, which aims at facilitating the deployment of fuel cell electric buses and their related hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in European cities, launches a new demonstration site for fuel cell electric buses in Groningen (Netherlands). The Groningen site is the fourth deployment site in High V.LOCity after Aberdeen, Antwerp and San Remo.  

3Emotion at TEN-T Days in Rotterdam

Together with other Fuel Cell bus projects 3Emotion promoted Fuel Cell buses for clean public transport on the TEN-T days in Rotterdam.

3Emotion shared a stand with other fuel cell bus projects, such as CHIC, HighVLOCity, H2Nodes, ...

A Fuel Cell bus was demosntrated, as it was used as shuttle bus, to bring participants from and to the central station.


3 Dutch regions expressed their commitment for the upscaling of fuel cell electric buses in their region

The Dutch provinces of Groningen, South-Holland and the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam-The Hague have signed a Letter of Intent during the TEN-T Days in Rotterdam and expressed their commitment for the upscaling of fuel cell electric buses in their region. For these public transport authorities (PTOs), the signing marks a milestone in the roadmap towards clean buses in public transport.